Over 20 Years Of Experience

Style House Cosmetics, was founded by Carey Usher Coleman who has worked in cosmetics for over 20 years. After moving to Hawaii in 2014 she was exposed to many skin care traditions and ingredients from all over the world that helped improve her own skin even after working in the industry for so many years.

She noticed something in the cosmetics industry was not quite right, while it was becoming flooded with products many people were still struggling with their skin.

She began a 3 year journey searching for answers to skin concerns. While most cosmetic brands are using trends, fads, gimmicks and celebrities to sell their products she found many answers for her own skincare needs from looking into the past and other cultures.

She consulted with holistic estheticians, naturopaths, herbalists and became certified in

Practical Cosmetic Formulating

Fashion Institutes’ Beauty Industry Essentials.

Through exploring these cultural beauty rituals you can go on a journey to find the best products and regime for you.
You shouldn't have to worry about the safety or the effectiveness of your products so we have done the work for you. We never use toxic preservatives, synthetic fragrances or petroleum derivatives, that are found in most mass produced cosmetics. We're obsessed with using ingredients that are as effective as they are safe and natural, resulting in some really innovative and fun products.
Our products are made by a world wide network of chemists and formulators based on research from:

Linda Page PHD Traditional Naturopath - Healthy Healing.

David Suzuki Foundation - Queen of Green.

Milady Standard Advanced Esthetics.

At style house cosmetics personal care - represent a place to play, unwind, recharge and have an adventure.